About DJ TONE:

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and with the direction of his father, DJ Tone started out DJing at the age of 14 with a high energy sound of Hip Hop/Rap & more. By the age of 16 he had found a new love of music (Dance/Latin/House/Remixes). This had opened his eyes to new opportunities of recording and producing, with influences by many well known Dj’s.
Dj Tone jumped into the night-life scene at the age of 21 in downtown Houston, TX delivering a variety selection of music for people to feel and dance to.
Always looking for something different, Dj Tone sets his sights on entertaining the crowd by giving his signature performance by presenting himself in a mirror head-piece/helmet, bringing more energy and enthusiasm for the night.
Official Harlem Globetrotter DJ
Voted Best MidWest Dj by LMX Dj Choice Awards 2014
Voted #1 Texas Dj by People en Espanol Magazin 2013
Voted #1 Club Dj in San Antonio Texas for 2013 & 2012.
Voted Hottest Male Dj in San Antonio 2013
Affiliations- Bumaquad Dj / Rockstarboyz Dj/ Breakemoff Dj / Whatapartysa Dj / Red Bull Dj/ People en Espanol/Latin Mix


Music has influence Dj Tone to gain and understand the world around him. His goal is to inspire the un-inspired with music and life. As he grow with new sounds and with new artists, He will achieve what he is here for (and that’s Music) – Dj Tone is here with the sound that everyone loves and feels, because the art of music will always be around us. With the flashing lights to the bass vibrating on the dance floor, the love of music is here to stay with us.

Life will Start, Stop, Spin, & Play Over and Over again (DJ TONE)

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