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Dj Tone Voted Best MidWest Dj by LMX Dj Choice Awards 2014, #1 Texas Dj by People en Espanol Magazine & voted #1 Club DJ in San Antonio for 2013 & 2012 . Voted Hotest Male Dj in San Antonio Tx.

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Upcoming Events:

Aug. 2016:

08/02/2016 Dj Tone @Moses Rose’s

08/03/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 2

08/04/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 1

08/05/2016 Dj Tone @Aztec 

08/06/2016 Dj Tone @Tommy Hilfiger (San Marcos Tx) 

08/06/2016 Dj Tone @ 57 Lounge (Eagle Pass Tx)

08/09/2016 Dj Tone @Moses Rose’s

08/10/2016 Dj Tone @Neiman Marcus San Antonio

08/10/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 2

08/11/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 1

08/12/2016 Dj Tone @Private Event (email for more information on Private Events)

08/13/2016 Dj Tone @Private Event (email for more information on Private Events)

08/16/2016 Dj Tone @Moses Rose’s

08/17/2016 Dj Tone @Niman Marcus San Antonio

08/17/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 2

08/18/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 1

08/22/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 2

08/20/2016 Dj Tone @Hooligans (Live Oak TX)

08/23/2016 Dj Tone @Moses Rose’s

08/24/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 2

08/25/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 1

08/26/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 1

08/27/2016 Dj Tone @Hooligans (Live Oak TX)

08/30/2016 Dj Tone @Moses Rose’s

08/31/2016 Dj Tone @Shenanygans Lounge 2


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